Girls in STEM at Tulane (GiST)


Have you ever had a great time at GiST? Would you like to come help us out with the next one? If you are in 8th-12th grade, like STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) and would like to get more involved with GiST, we'd love to have you apply for our leaders program! You could be an assistant group leader or work with our professors and students in running one of your favorite workshops. You must be available from 9:00am-3:00pm on March 10th. There are a limited number of spaces, so apply now!

Heads up! GiST leaders must complete the application themselves. We need to know that YOU are the one who would like to come help out. Your parents or guardian can't fill out this form for you. If you are interested in applying to be a group leader or help with a workshop, please fill out the following application.

Directions: Please have all necessary information before beginning to fill out this online form. If you are pre-selected, we will email you by March 2nd, 2018 and ask you for a short paragraph that can be returned via email.

If you have any questions regarding this form, please email

This application will close FRIDAY, MARCH 2ND, 2018 or when space is no longer available.


First Name:                      Last Name: 
City:             State: LA       Zip:
Birth Date:    format: mm/dd/yyyy              Gender (for girls only):
Phone:           format: 504-123-4567       Email:
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Note: If you are in 5th-7th grade, see our GiST Registration Form here.

Please select one or more races from the following six racial groups that best describes your ethnicity (optional):
American Indian or Alaska Native    Asian    Black or African American    Hispanic or Latino    Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander    White
Please check all of the following that apply to you:
I had such a great time at GiST I'd love to come back and help out    I would like to be a scientist or engineer one day    I am really interested in STEM subjects
I enjoy teaching people I really like being a leader    I really like helping out and working with kids younger than me
Please check all of the following that you would use to describe yourself:
I am very outgoing and comfortable working with different people    I like working with all kinds of people    I am a good listener and helper
I'm on the quieter side, and I am a good helper I come up with good ideas
What would you like to do?
What kinds of STEM activities do you enjoy or have you participated in before?
GiST    FIRST Robotics Program (FLL Jr., FLL, FTC, FRC)    Robotics Summer Camp or other Robotics Programs    STEM Summer Camp
Science or Engineering Fair    Science Club at School    Girl Scout STEM Event    Other STEM Program (please list in box below)
Other STEM Program not listed above:

max: 250 characters
Have you participated in GiST before? You must have participated in GiST to be a GiST leader.                If so, how many times?   
Please provide a brief description of the workshops that you have participated in. A list of workshops that have been done in past GiSTs can be found here.

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What GiST workshops would you like to help out with and why?

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Phone :  format: 504-123-4567        Relationship:
Who is allowed to pick you up? Please list names and telephone numbers. We will confirm with you in the morning of GiST at leader registration.

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I understand that this registration is not complete until GiST receives the signed consent form that can be found here. This form is REQUIRED and you will not be able to participate without it.

Please email signed consent forms to or mail to the address below. Consent forms can be found here.

If you email to us, please bring the original documents to registration the morning of the event.

If you do not email, please mail consent forms to:
Girls in STEM at Tulane
School of Science and Engineering, Boggs 201
Tulane University
New Orleans, LA 70118


Are there any allergies or health constraints (asthma, diabetes, autism, etc.) that may keep you from participating in any scientific activities? Note: Our group leaders are NOT medically certified in any way. We are not capable of distributing any medicine to you.
Allergies/Health Constraints?
If yes, please describe below.
Allergy/Health Description:

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It is our goal to offer a universally accessible program. If you anticipate needing any type of reasonable accommodation or have questions about campus accessibility, please describe your need here.

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Any Additional Comments:

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